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The novel, The Caveman Theory is being shopped right now, so please shoot me an email and we will let you know when it’s available!
March ~  WE WON AGAIN!!!  Caveman THeory
TV Pilot won a REMI in WORLDFEST!  We now have two -not just acceptances in fests, but 2 WINS! -  We’re quite honored.  Let’s get this show on the AIR!!!  
DEC _ BIG WIN!!!  
Laurie Foxx of Aqua Foxx Productions- writer, co-director, producer, and actor in the TV PILOT - CAVEMAN THEORY Has a 
BIG WIN in the Accolade Competition, bringing home the trophy and AWARD OF MERIT for the Pilot, CAVEMAN THEORY!
We’re in great company, as TIM BURTON’s Production company took home a win for a SHORT next to our big win for TV PILOT!!!!
Dec  BOOKED!  a Lead role as  SUZANNE, the Mother, in the feature, “LOVE LETTERS”, based on the book by Geraldine Solon!!!  So excited!  
March Happenings!  
booked a print job for Travaasa Spa in Austin next week, 
filming a 25 minute film called Driving Values in March- I play Janet, “The Mom” - 
Recently signed on with Acclaim Talent in New Orleans for representation in the great film state of Louisiana!
“The Open Road” (I played Debbie the Louisiana waitress) has been playing on STARZ.
“Portal” (I played “the delivery Doctor and 2 of my original songs are used on the credit role) played on Showtime in October - it’s a horror movie...BOO!
“Red, White and Blue”  suspense/horror/thriller was released to theatres in October!  (I played Pamela)
and more, but have a great spring to all! 
Laurie Foxx IS: “The Broker” lead in the film, “THE BROKER”- written and directed by Dwayne Smith.  Filming Summer.
JUNE 15TH!~  Pre Production began in earnest Feb 1st on the SAG production, “ Caveman Theory”.  Casting was in February with filming March 27th through April 2nd for 7 days at Rice University Hertzstein Hall and various locations around Houston, Texas.  “B” roll was filmed again at Rice with pickup shots at the Dunlavy location, as well.  Post Production is now in full force.  
Thank you all for your involvement in our Production, Produced by Laurie Foxx and Aqua Foxx Productions, and Directed by Laurie Foxx and Richard Boyd with Billy MacTavish as DP.   
Dec  peliminary FILMING and production begins on all 3 projects, with “Film Teasers” for investors finished edit Dec 31st!!!  
Oct   Pre-Production and Production begins on 2 features and a Television pilot. 
Hey!  I’m acting in an indie feature film being shot in Austin in June/July called, “Red White and Blue”  My character is “Pamela”!  It is written and directed by Simon Rumley from the UK.   Keep looking for “The Open Road”!!!!!  
May Our film, “The Open Road” is being distributed by Anchor Bay and will be in theatres near you in July/August!!!  Please go - Opening weekend if you can, and spread the word of this wonderful funny film with Jeff Bridges and Justin Timberlake squaring off as father and son forced together on a road trip.  Sparks fly!  This :Feel good movie” will have you chuckling.
Let me know when you go!!!  
Jan 2nd,   Happy New Year!  
  Best to all of you!  I’m in the middle of a polish on a script I will be producing through Aqua Foxx Productions It’s a Whacky, High Concept Comedy on weight obsessed society written by me, Gracy Hall and Dare O’Donnell. Several other projects are in the works on the writing/producing front.  
Look for  and go see (soon)  the wonderful film, “The Open Road” starring Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges, Kate Mara, and Mary Steinbergen with an appearance by  yours truly.  Produced by me, Aqua Foxx Productions,  and several other wonderful producers. (see above)
February 21st,
Hey!!!  I’m in Louisiana filming “The Open Road”, starring Jeff Bridges, Justin Timberlake, Kate Mara, Mary Steinbergen, and Harry Dean Stanton with the wonderful Ted Danson and more! I am producing and play “the Louisiana Waitress”!  Unbelievably cool to be in such amazing company!  What a great cast and crew!  I’m very thankful.  
Check out: for pics and more info on THE OPEN ROAD!!!
"New Orleans, Mon Amour" is having it's World Premere in Austin at SXSW!  I play the role of "Susan"! 
New Orleans Mon Amour 
Director: Michael Almereyda. Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Elisabeth Moss, Isabel Gillies.
A year after Hurricane Katrina, an affluent surgeon in New Orleans is attempting to get his life back on track. He is remarrying his ex-wife, renovating her house and restarting his medical practice. His plan begins to unravel when he runs into an old flame. (World Premiere)
Narrative Feature   World Premiere
screening in: Spotlight Premieres
Screening Times
4:00 PM, Monday March 10th - Paramount 
11:00 AM, Wednesday March 12th - Paramount  

So, check it out if you’re in Austin, and give a big cheer to 
Michael Almereyda and all the crew that worked so hard on bringing New Orleans Mon Amour to life!

New Orleans, 
I will be playing Angie’s Mother in a new film by Michelle Mower called “Angie”A Brand new song of mine called “One Heart” was written for the film.   I just finished recording  and it will be performed in it’s entirety in the film by actor playing Angie.  Filming will take place in Oct ’07.   I will try and remember to post the song on the website soon!!!!!
LISTEN for me on the radio.  I am the voice for SemGroup commercials.  You’ll hear them playing  during OU football games.
Look for me in the upcoming feature by Michael Meredith, “The Open Road” filming Nov ’07.
AAANNd!  Lyrics of mine, “Hold out the World” are being used by world renowned French music producer, “Pierre Jaubert” in an upcoming song with a new artist!  Will fill you in as more details are released!
News!  I played “The Doctor” in Windchill Films feature, “Portal”. They also chose 2 of my songs,  “Curiosity Killed The Cat” and “Keeper of My Soul” to use over the credits in  the film!  “Portal” was just chosen for the HORRORFEST, UK - 07’!  
Speaking of Cannes!  A film short I was lead in played this year, as well, at Cannes!!!  It was titled “The Pelican Box”, directed by Tiffany Kilcoyne from 1-4-3- Productions. I played the part of “Maggie”.  
Just got back from Los Angeles filming “Portal” for Windchill Films A horror film Directed by Geoff Schaff.  Lots of fun!  and 
New Orleans filmed in September, “New Orleans, Mon Amour” a Feature film directed by Michael Almereyda.  I was Susan.  It was great to get back to New Orleans again, and it was a fun and interesting time.  I really enjoyed working with everyone, and the locations were beautiful and creative and eclectic. 
If you’re listening to the OU football games on the radio you’ll hear me!  I’m doing all the commercials for SEMGROUP!  Boomer Sooner!
Check out THE FEATURE FILM, “READ ON”  I played the lead role of Maggie.  Now headed for film festivals around the world.  the first one:
SUNDAY, SEPT. 17th at 3:10pm  (view the Trailer at
 06’Just wrapped a film in Austin called “The Pelican Box, with Tiffany Kilcoyne as director, coming to a film festival near you!
I’m doing a “LIVE SOLO” performance!! 
Sat, July 29th,- 7pm at Studio Estates, the premier location and sound stages for film, in Austin, Tx.  For the upcoming Feature film, “The Oprah Effect”.  Come out and hear some of my new songs LIVE, and meet the cast and crew!  for directions, see the Events page!!!
Ck out: for the  "LAURIE FOXX LIVE ON PBS" BOOTLEG RECORDING FOR A MERE $10.00!!  Trust me, IT'S A STEAL!!!!!!
 Thanks for visiting and come back soon! 
Bye for now, Laurie 
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Music video of my song, “Heaven Sweet” for film, “Letters to Lauren”, by Miranda Spiegner!


Laurie Foxx

Ck out "Helen Mar Dagget"!!!!!  A Pilot western where in one scene I get to ride a horse to distract the bad guys whilest the good guys come in to get them..... It's called History by the Roadside. (Chalk Peak Productions/PBS) It's too fun! 

Justin Timberlake and me goofing off in between scenes filming, “The Open Road”!!! 

The amazing Jeff Bridges and me in “The Open Road” feature!

The adorable Katie Kate Mara, JT and me on the last day of filming, “The Open Road”!  I produced and acted, and had a ton of fun!!!!

“The Laurie Foxx Show, If You Don’t Like it, Get Your Own Show

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“Abby’s Road, I played Abby’s mother, and also wrote the theme song for the lead!

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