Until I 
Narrowly Lost My Mindhttp://www.apple.com/
Curiosity Killed the Cathttp://www.apple.com/http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/foxx2shapeimage_2_link_0

These cats are in trouble................


1)Martyr Away   2) Angels On Parade  3) Narrowly Lost My Mind  4) Never There  5) Fallen From Grace  6) Sunday Morning Smile  7) Whirling Dervish  8) Heaven Sweet   9)Honey Jar  10) Keeper Of My Soul 11) Childhood Games 12) I Love You, Eternally

2) Curiosity Killed the Cat

3) Little Head Man

4) Meteorite Eyes

5) acoustic Curiosity

1) Your Mind Is A Weapon  2) A Day in the Sun  3) Lucky Me

4) Highway Made of Glass  5) Curiosity Killed the Cat 

6 ) The River You  7) Long Ago/ Yesterday (They Tried To Put Me Away  8) Childhood Games  9) Meteorite Eyes 

10)Suddenly  11) Chameleon  12) You Don’t Fit

Just me and my keyboard.  A live - solo on PBS of 5 songs.   This is what I sound like Live on TV without a band!

Heaven Sweethttp://www.apple.com/

Laurie Foxx

A solo/Live performance on PBS - just Laurie Foxx, a mic and her keyboard or guitar. You get to hear what she really sounds like! No corrections - no backup - no redos!

(Fast fact - She has never used an auto tuner in her life!)